Saturday, August 24, 2019

How to survive a breakup

For some unknown reason, I take better advice from myself when I write something rather than reasoning through my own thinking, which is a paradox because I have to think of what I want to write before I write it but somehow it takes a better hold of me in this format.

Quite recently I've experienced a breakup, and through the effort of keystrokes I am helping myself and hopefully, this will help someone else as well. Surviving a breakup is difficult because your imagined future disappears and you find yourself suddenly on a precipice. All of the dreams, all of the fantasies that you had with the other person, now have to be undone. And you have to recognize that reality that you constructed together will not be lived.

These are the things you need to do in order to survive a breakup. Accept that the breakup is the right thing and that it's happened. Accept that you can control nobody except yourself. Realize that you cannot invest your wellbeing in the perception of another person. Learn to let go and move on.
Trust that the future is going to be okay for you. That not only are you going to find someone more appropriate, because that in a sense is a repetition of the pattern that you're trying to break. But you will find in the world, everything you need if you are willing to let go of other people's approval as the primary source for your self composition, and instead, find a connection to something beyond that.

Usually, when you have a co-dependent person in a relationship, it is because you've nominated them, or cast them in a role that they are not able to fulfill. A role that traditionally would have been fulfilled by a kind of icon. In a sense, romance is the imbuement, or endowment of the other, with qualities that no human being can ever have.

So you relinquish the person as an ideal. You become open to better possibilities, and primarily you let go of the idea that you know what's best for you. You open yourself to new advice, and you recognize that you are worthy of real love. I know what it's like, as soon as the relationship ends, you forget all the things that you didn't like about the person and go 'Oh no, they were perfect! Oh God, what am I going to do?' You set up your mental habits and patterns for maximum self-persecution and this is a habit that has to go, otherwise, you will repeat the same thing in every relationship that you are in. Use it as an opportunity to change, and know that the 'greatest love of all' is within you, and you are worthy of love.

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