Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bad Timing

I have overcame many obstacles in my life, and I have achieved goals that I am proud of. In spite of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a young age, I went to college, became a home owner, and found a wife. All of which took hard work (especially finding a wife!)

In 2011 I found a good job, a position that required physical labor and mental focus, something that MS patients aren't good at, but I made it work. My goal was to support my wife and help her get through nursing school. She didn't have a job at the time and she exhausted her unemployment benefits, but that didn't matter. I made just enough income to pay for our bills, utilities, the mortgage, gas for my wife to travel to school, and food for both us. My wife only has the rest of this year, plus one more semester to become a registered nurse. We both knew we only had to survive for 6 more months and life will be better for us.

Unfortunately, the owner of the company I worked for came to our office in September to tell us that the manufacturer that makes the products that we sold and serviced, thought that they could do a better job than us. Meaning that they were taking over. Under their terms, we could not even sell any products that our customer base comprised of. So with that in mind, our office was closing. From that moment on, I have frantically started looking for another job. The very thing I was afraid of came true, and that is the threat that might affect everything me and my wife worked for.

Although I am worried that I won't find another job, I hope that I will find one. I just have to. It was very hard during the month of October for me. Along with the disappointment of not getting hired for company that was taking over, cleaning out our office so we could close, was torturing. I couldn't help but think why couldn't this have happened at a later time? Why now? If only it was 6 months later, me and my wife would have an easier time for once in our life.

Along with my financial worries, my health is bringing me down as well. I am unable to sleep at night most of the time, largely due to muscle spasms and cramps in my legs. Because of my insurance, I am unable to visit doctors in Tennessee. I am bound to the state of Mississippi for my care, because I have Medicaid and it is only provided by the state I live in. At the moment, I am unable to leave Mississippi because my wife is enrolled in the nursing program in Senatobia and she has to be a citizen of Mississippi.

112 pills of treatment in my reach, yet I'm unable to take it.
 I am unable to find doctors that will accept my insurance. Because of this,  I'm unable to get the necessary prescriptions and care that I need. I have MS treatment, and lots of it. See? Four months worth! But I can't take it. Here's why...

In order to take Gilenya (pictured) I must do a 6 hour observation to make sure I don't have any adverse reactions to it. Currently, there is no clinic, doctors office, or hospital I can have this observation done. There's 2 reasons for this. One: My neurologist is in Memphis, TN. Although he does accept my insurance despite being in Tennessee, he is not authorized for hospitals in Mississippi. Two: The places he is authorized for, does not accept my insurance. Quite the conundrum if you ask me.

I have to work as much as I can so my wife can graduate college. I also have to work as much as I can before I become more disabled, but since I can't take my treatment the disease is going to progress faster, and since I can't find a job I'm afraid of losing my house and my wife dropping out of school. The main obstacle in my way to having a better life is just getting a JOB. The rest will take care of itself.